Brandon Jacques, PhD

Brandon Jacques, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Emory University

Dr. Brandon Jacques is a Postdoctoral Fellow within the Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Emory University, where his research revolves around unraveling the neural processes underlying speech-related movements. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, he integrates techniques from data science and machine learning to delve deeper into the neural mechanisms governing speech generation, and hopefully improving intracortical brain computer interfaces in the process.

Dr. Jacques received his PhD from the University of Virginia in 2023 in Cognitive Psychology, and his undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University in 2015 in Electrical Engineering. During his doctoral studies, Dr. Jacques focused on bridging the gap between neural mechanisms of memory and machine learning models. His thesis showcased the applicability of cognitive principles to enhance machine learning algorithms, particularly evident in his pioneering work on the Scale-Invariant Temporal History (SITH) representation. Through this research, he demonstrated how insights from cognitive psychology can significantly contribute to advancing machine learning methodologies.

  • Brain Computer Interfaces
  • Board Games (Play Curious Cargo)
  • Movies
  • Food
  • PhD in Cognitive Psychology, 2023

    University of Virginia

  • BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering w/ Minor in Neuroscience, 2015

    The Ohio State University